For being such a good sport, here's a sneak preview of the newest addition to the Tuts+ family: Creative Sessions

What is a Session?

At the beginning of each month we'll be launching a two-week Session on a creative topic. Sessions will cover everything from digital illustration, to typography, to web design.

The articles in each Session aren't like your usual Tuts+ content. Instead of step-by-step tutorials, they teach the theory behind the techniques and practices. You'll learn the Whys, not just the Hows.

They'll be published on whichever Tuts+ site is most relevant to the subject being covered, and aggregated on a central Creative Sessions hub site:

The content from each Session will be published on top of the normal Tuts+ schedule, meaning that if you're not interested in a Session, you'll still get the same amount of Tuts+ content you know and love.

Sessions means quality. Sessions will be curated by our most experienced Tuts+ editor, Sean Hodge. The hub site was designed by Collis, built by Derek and is kept safe and sound on the internets by our dev duo, Ryan and Fred.

We'll be smashing the champagne bottle and cutting the ribbon very soon. In the mean-time, be among the first to know about the launch by following Creative Sessions on Twitter